Brett Lair



How I got here.


Almost 10 years ago, fresh out of College, I started working full-time at an award-winning advertising agency. I worked with clients that ranged from local businesses to larger clients like Mac's, ESSO, and Ontario Lottery & Gaming. As a way to continually improve my skills, I began freelancing on the side for both clients and agencies. It wasn't long before I realized that I was much more passionate about this work, and could offer more value to my clients if I made the leap and turned freelance into my full-time job.

Like a lot of the people I work with, I decided to quit my safe, reliable job with a paycheque every other Friday to start my own business in 2014. Since then, I've created successful brands for several businesses around the world—not only reaching across Canada and the United States, but Australia, Sweden, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. Design agencies in Canada and the United States have also depended on me to establish branding for their clients as well.


Follow me on Instagram @brettlair if you're into design, nature and dogs.